Global Interactive Events

Trade show organizers, event planners, training companies/departments, business trainers and company executives across North America look to us to organize and execute successful meetings, seminars and corporate get-togethers. We can help you make a lasting impact on your staff, clients and business associates.

We have been producing customized interactive trivia games for the past 20 years assisting companies in reinforcing their message and brand in a fun and compelling manner. Participants learn and retain more information by presenting our client’s content in a fun, innovative and competitive environment.

The system has been known traditionally as the NTN Interactive Network; the industry leader that has powered the trivia and play along sports games that are often found in restaurants, sports bars and pubs across North America.

We have created proprietary software that enables us to create customized interactive trivia games for many applications within the corporate marketplace. The trivia game product involves the entire audience in an entertaining, compelling manner which leads to a lasting memorable experience.

We offer a full array of unique features and options. For example, musical soundtrack, full motion video, wide array of question formats, rankings on screen or confidential, full result reporting, portability and ease of use.

Either as a standalone element, or an integrated component of the overall event, the audience will be involved in an interactive client driven presentation. They will actively participate, in real-time.

For every application, venue and client objective, Global Interactive Events produces a complete presentation, integrating the appropriate technical components.

Event Planning Ideas

GIE offers proven solutions for team building games, trade show games, staff party ideas, interactive training exercises & trivia quizzes. Boost your audience interest and participation.

Audience Response

Every client enjoys tailor-made presentations (graphics, content, overlays and sound track plus a video option) and subject matter that is both relevant and totally engaging.

Trade Show Tools

We work seamlessly with show organizers and event planners to deliver captivating presentations. It's interactive entertainment that leave lasting impressions on your audience.

Interactive Training

Use our touch pads at a product launch, informative seminar, or meet-and-greet events. Branded overlays help you connect with your audience every time they look at the TouchPad.

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