Global Interactive Events

Turn idle spectators into active participants.

How it Works

Look and Feel

Send us assets related to your brand or event. We will work with you to develop the look and feel of the trivia game you invisioned.


We help you develop your questions based on our many years of experience creating fun and engaging content. We also have a vast library of trivia for you to choose from to incorporate into you game.

The Game

We develop your trivia game or games based on your needs. By incorporating video, presentation slides and more we can seemlessly integrate a trivia game your event.


We ship a complete, ready to go system to you or your venue to be there when you want it, ensuring simple and easy setup and execution.

We make it easy to turn even ho-hum corporate presentations, trade shows, and special events into something truly memorable. With your original content and your branding throughout, you will instantly generate excitement, increase participation, increase retention and make a lasting impression.


Prominent Benefits & Features

  • Easy-to-use technology delivers answers at the press of a button.
  • Sturdy and durable TouchPad stands up to constant use.
  • The overlay on top of the TouchPad can be customized to include your event theme and logo for branding. Reinforce your corporate identity!
  • Increase overall awareness of your brand, products and services.
  • Positive team building experience.
  • Increase retention.
  • Entertaining, fun and challenging for all participants.

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